Table and vine grapes seedlings the production of vine cuttings is based on our own budwood and rootstock. Ned Boske owns base material for the production of vine rootstock cuttings on an area of 17 ha, as well as plantations for the production of noble varieties of vines on an area of 10 ha. The complete virus-free planting material for raising is base category and was imported from France. See more about Table and vine grapes seedlings . In its range Ned Boske has vine grafts of wine and table varieties.
Vine Varieties:
1. Traminac
2. Župljanka
3. Muscat Ottonel
4. Chardonnay
5. Sauvignon Blanc
6. Riesling Italico(Italian Riesling)
7. Smederevka
8. Tamjanika
9. Gamay Beaujolais
10. Crna Tamjanika
11. Frankovka
12. Pinot Noir
13. Plovdina
14. Vranac
15. Merlot
16. Prokupac
17. Cabernet Sauvignon
18. Syrah
Table Varieties:
1. Muscat Hamburg
2. Afus Ali
3. Cardinal
4. Ribier
5. Victoria
6. Lasta
7. Moldova
8. Muscat Italia
9. Mediana
10. Rubel
11. Michele Paglieri
12. Carmen
13. Red Globe
Seedless grapes:
1. Sultanina
2. Kishmish
3. Belgrade seedless
Rootstocks: Paulsen, Kober 5BB, SO4
For other varities what are not on list or producing by order, please contact us.